Tooth Extractions in Mountain View & Sunnyvale, CA

Tooth Extractions in Mountain View & Sunnyvale, CA

Are you suffering from damaged teeth or teeth that cannot be restored?  If yes, then a tooth extraction would be the best treatment option for you. 

Teeth extractions may be necessary for several reasons. Some of the common causes could be extensive decay, trauma, or overcrowding. In most cases, your decayed teeth can be restored with fillings, crowns, onlays, or even a root canal therapy. But when we come across instances where a tooth cannot be saved, it would require an extraction.

The extraction process

Before beginning the extraction process, your dentist will numb the areas around your tooth, jawbone, and gums with a local anesthetic. Once numbed and ready, the dentist will gently extract your decayed tooth. The patient may experience a slight difference in pressure during the process, which is normal. 

Sectioning a tooth

In certain instances, the tooth may be hard to remove due to complications in the jawbone or the surrounding gums. In such situations, your dentist will remove your damaged tooth by separating them into sections. 

Aftercare instructions

After your tooth extraction process, it is natural to experience a bit of bleeding.  The patient would have to bite a piece of gauze in order to stop the bleeding and initiate the formation of a clot. If patients begin to experience any signs of swelling, it is advised to use an ice pack.

 For the next 24 hours, patients must not resume oral hygiene, either in the form of brushing or flossing. This could dislodge the blood clot and cause more bleeding, and even give rise to an infection.

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