CEREC CAD/CAM in Mountain View, CA

CEREC CAD/CAM in Mountain View, CA

The combination of dental science and technology has changed the face of dentistry over the years. Accuracy and dedication to detail have been the core requirements of designing and molding dental appliances, and that is precisely what CAD/CAM technology does.

What is CAD/CAM?

CAD/CAM, otherwise abbreviated as computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, is a modern technology that helps design and manufacture metal-free, accurate, proper fitting dental appliances such as crowns, veneers, bridges, abutments for dental implants and others. They are manufactured with translucent materials that are natural-looking.

CAD/CAM Technology and Dental labs

This technology allows dental labs to design and fabricate their restorations on a digital screen with the help of 3D images captured by an optical scanner. It requires great skill, experience, and expertise to design with accuracy for the particular treatment. The amount of time taken to prepare the restoration will also be dependent on the complexity of the individual case.


An excellent advantage of the CAD/CAM technology is that patients would not have to revisit the dental practice multiple times to receive their restoration. CAD/CAM eliminates the need for placing temporary restorations, allowing dental practices to offer Same Day Dentistry. 

Same Day Dentistry - CEREC

CEREC is an in-office dental equipment that functions with CAD/CAM technology to design and mill dental restorations. It consists of an optical scanner to scan and obtain impressions of the teeth, a computer-aided design technology that'd design the restoration, and a manufacturing unit that would mill the design.

After placing your restorations (veneer/crown/bridge), your dentist will advise you on after-care instructions, hygiene routines, etc. Same Day Dentistry allows obtaining your restorations on the same day, saving time, and providing convenience.

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