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Your child’s primary teeth won’t remain forever, but that’s no excuse to not take proper care of those pearls. Children’s first teeth would lay the foundation from which their permanent ones would grow. They would monitor and guide the growth of the child’s permanent set of teeth, without leaving out gaps and unnecessary spaces. As your child progresses in terms of age from 6 to 12 years old, it is necessary to teach them good oral hygiene habits as this is an essential step that’d guide them to take proper care of their teeth as the permanent ones grow in.


Your child’s complete set of teeth would set in during the first six to nine months. For some children, it may begin to grow by the third month, which is completely normal. First, the lower two front teeth would erupt followed by the upper two front teeth. This will be followed by the first molars after which the canines would arise. You can always take care of your child’s baby teeth with the help of a warm and damp towel. As they grow older, parents can purchase infant toothbrushes with soft bristles that would in removing dental debris.


We recommend children start their first dental appointment as early as they turn nine months. This way, dentists can guide parents with instructions to follow to help them keep their child’s teeth healthy and nourished. Early examinations are also a vital part is assessing and forecasting any kind of future dental implications that may set forth as the age progresses.

Let your child’s dental health be assured today!

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